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    Originally posted by brientim View Post
    See which is a recent thread that discussed loggers
    Thanks, I'll look at this (may have already been there).

    Meantime, this morning I shut everything down. Killed the console + pulled the battery + logger. Killed the station: Pulled the solar panel, battery and this time... There seems to be an A/C adaptor connector in the station proper. It's not there to power the station, although it might. It's purpose according to Davis is to completely discharge the supercap and any residual power by connecting the consoles adaptor to it without power. hmmm.

    Did that, and changed the ID to 5 from 1. Still waiting for data to start but I am intermittently (ie sometimes it's there, then not) seeing Station 1 receiving as well as mine on 5 which means someone nearby has a similar station on that channel. It was probably interfering with mine. If this is the case, the mystery may be solved.
    I think I may know who the culprit is, but he's a whole block from here.
    Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


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      I be curious if they have the wireless repeater which can transmit up to 1.7 miles.

      For the sake of ruling out Cumulus, have you tried any other software. Weather Display for example could be used to see if you experience the same behaviour or not.


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        Here initially when installing my station there was a nearby station using the same channel and it did cause me grief. Never actually paid attention when first installing it to even look for other stations in the vicinity. I installed Cumulus weather tags here to monitor the battery and specific Davis weather station stuff.

        Once mounted it was a PITA to have to change the channel. Over the years I have moved the weather station to different heights and locations. That and getting older it takes more time to get the ladder out and position it than it does to do anything with the weather station. I have looked at the nearby Davis and it is mounted on a 6 foot 6X6 post at ground level in the middle of a little field.

        My console is on the second floor and near an outside wall but nowhere near a window.
        - Pete

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          Still working. I've not noticed the phantom station 1 since, maybe conditions have to be just right.

          This has however, highlighted a weakness in my overall setup. The solar data is integral to my lighting control. It may be time to search for a reliable backup source.
          Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


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            Problem wasn't solved.
            Not only the solar data, but all sensors would freeze at intervals of about three days. For a long time, I'd been shutting down Cumulus manually and restarting it after about 3 minutes. This seemed to have circumvented the problem.
            About a month ago, I got tired of doing this; besides if I ever forgot, I'd end up in trouble. Also, each time the data froze, or I did restart the program, I was getting erroneous data sent to Weather Underground and to my own tracking scripts.

            Final solution, a Script, run by an event daily at 1AM. The script doesn't just terminate the Cumulus process, which does cause other issues as it doesn't flush the Datalogger, and it does leave a phantom icon in the system tray (an issue which has been discussed on the board previously regarding other applications).
            What it does do is request the Cumulus program to shutdown in an orderly fashion, waits for this to complete, then after one minute, restarts the program. No phantom icons, and Cumulus doesn't record bad data. My external related events pause while this event runs, also avoiding recording bad data.
            The method would also work with other applications, to either terminate, restart or start them afresh.
            I plan to separate these functions into callable routines which could be run from an event, then perhaps post this as "Application Control.vb"

            Quite happy with this one.
            Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.


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              Originally posted by Wadenut View Post
              I plan to separate these functions into callable routines which could be run from an event, then perhaps post this as "Application Control.vb"
              Something like this?


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                Probably. Wish I'd seen it before I spent four hours on mine.
                Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.