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ObserverIP Module Locking Up

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    Originally posted by BraveSirRobbin View Post
    Are you guys comfortable with Ambient's position relating to third party development? I've read a few posts where (in my opinion) they seem less than helpful. Just wondering over the long term.

    I saw a product under development (crowd funded) here on this forums and I might wait for that to come to fruition.
    I was looking at the same one and am concerned about some of the issues being reported on that product's user forum. That has pushed me more towards an Ambient plus Boltek solution but I could still go either way.


      Originally posted by upstatemike View Post
      Was there ever a resolution to this? I would like to try out an Ambient system but was hoping to do better than 1 minute polling.
      To address this I have been running mine at 30 second polling for the ObserverIP and I haven't had any lockup issues. So it may be some trial/error involved of finding that magic number that locks up the ObserverIP and that number that doesn't.


        Originally posted by upstatemike View Post
        I am picturing an event that does something if wind gust exceeds X or rainfall value changes. Have to work through the use cases to see if it really matters.

        How often would I need to power cycle to run at 16 second polling? Is once per day often enough?
        Mine would go more than 2 days at the default 16 second update rate. John’s went longer for unknown reasons.


          So I can try 30 second polling and if I need better I can do 16 second plus a nightly reboot. That sounds like "good enough".


            I was thinking of getting one of these things. Anyone have any recent news on whether they are still locking up or if Ambient fixed the problem?


              Mine never locked up as bad as some other folks - I use an event to reboot it when communication with it is troubled.

              The event:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	observer.PNG
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              This is its status / reboots over the last 6 months ~20 times or so:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	observer2.PNG
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                Gee to be honest, I have totally forgotten about the lockup issue. Mine has been running since last summer or even spring and I have not had one lockup...
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