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    Walk me through this scenario again.

    I have 3 physical PWS, but at one point in time I had 4 PWS on Ambient Weather. I had a Weatherbridge die, and brought up a new and added it to Ambient Weather. I named the new PWS "Northern Palms (new)". When I got everything working, from Ambient Weather I deleted "Northern Palms" and renamed "Northern Palms (new)" to be "Northern Palms". At this point Ambient Weather displays 3 PWS.
    In between this stage. Are you sure the plugin was not loaded and connected? If it was connected before the 4th was deleted then it would have stored that information and created the devices for the 4th which was then deleted however the MAC would now be in the in memory dictionary of the plugin.

    It was at this state that I brought up the plugin. When it first imported the data, the plugin created 4 PWS, including "Northern Palms" and "Northern Palms (new)". I doubt this is something on your end, unless the API has a call to check the status of the PWS. The data was coming in on "Northern Palms", so that was actually correct. I deleted "Northern Palms (new)" and things are fine.
    At this point is where I lean towards a timing/update issue of when the AW.Net Dashboard applied the changes to the backend DB that serves the API. If it was a matter of seconds to maybe even minutes between the delete action and the start of the plugin then the actual data from the API may not have been updated of yet. When I get your key I'll hit the API directly and send you back the results.