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Luminance Calibration?

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    Luminance Calibration?

    Not a plugin issue (which is workign fine by the way) but a weather station question i wanted to ask is about Luminance calibration.

    While it might be totally normal I don't like how long Luminance readings show zero. Clearly in the dead of night I could see a reading of zero, but at 5:30am, 6am, 6:30am (My sunrise time today shows 6:47am on google) even if its not full sunrise time the sun is starting to show and it's most defiantly brighter then 1am. I would love to see a reading of something other then zero before actual sunrise time and believe that the sensor should read so.

    Also my night time luminance seems to be similar but is more workable. Ideally it would have some low readings deep into after sunset. I could always adjust night to happen when luminance got below a value of say like 100-200 or something. Right now it set to zero and it's still not pitch black outside.

    Digging into the calibration settings in my observer IP I see "Solar radiation wavelength" and "solar radiation gain". Being the weather dummy I am I'm not sure if that's related to "luminance" readings or not and which way to change it to make it more sensitive to light. Like I said if i could just get it to be more sensitive and show a reading later into the night and start earlier in the morning I can adjust my events greater or less then the numbers I choose.


    As you've seen/mentioned there are some options within the ObserverIP for doing some calibrations. You would have to refer to the manual or the Ambient Weather support for how to properly adjust/tune those for what you are looking for.