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Devices not being created

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    Devices not being created

    I recently installed the ambient weather plugin and grabbed my API and clicked "create devices" and nothing is happening. I see no devices listed. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall the plugin and put it into debug mode and when I click create devices I have no log entries. Any suggestions?

    Here is my setup:
    Current Date/Time: 7/3/2019 6:08:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition (Windows)
    HomeSeer: Is Registered
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
    OS Version: 10.0.17763 Service Pack: 0.0
    System Uptime: 3 Days 23 Hours 50 Minutes 41 Seconds
    User Name and Access Level: ************* (Admin)
    LAN IP Address: *************
    Client IP Address:
    External IP Address: **************
    Network Adapter: Adapter -> Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM
    Network Adapter: HomeSeer Adapter -> Loopback Address (localhost) IP:
    Web Server Port: 80
    Number of Devices: 368
    Number of Events: 137
    Event Last Ran: 2nd Floor Scenes : Master Bedroom Lights off with no motion, Ran at 7/3/2019 6:07:03 PM
    Number of unique event scripts used: 0
    Connected Speaker Clients: (
    Plug-Ins Enabled: Nest:,PHLocation:,Blue-Iris:,Z-Wave:,MyQ:,AmbientWeather:
    Processor Type and Speed: Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 at 3.17 GHz
    Modules/Threads: 153 Modules, 84 Threads
    Available Threads: 800
    System Processes/Load: 174 Processes, 52% Load
    Free / Total Physical Memory: 4.66 GBytes / 15.80 GBytes (30% free)
    Free / Total Virtual Memory: 5.04 GBytes / 18.17 GBytes (28% free)
    HomeSeer Memory Used: 157 Mbytes
    Plug-In Memory Used: 6 EXE Plug-Ins using 254 Mbytes

    Did you click on the Room, Floor, Device Types drop down and make sure the devices were selected?