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    I have been toying with getting a weather station, and was thinking of the 1550

    Has anyone used that with the plugin?

    I noticed it transmits at 915 Mhz-- pretty close to Z-wave. Has anyone had an issues with this?

    I prefer to use hardwired ethernet as opposed to wifi. If I could do a POE weatherstation at a reasonanble price, I would do that too. Any feedback on this purchase?
    HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

    Plug-Ins Enabled:
    weatherXML:,JowiHue:,APCUPSD:,PHLocation:,Chromecast:,EasyTr igger:

    I use the 1550-IP. The Observer module is connected hardwared to my network. The 915 mhz is data transmission to the OIP from the station. I'm not experiencing issues with Z-wave. I am getting a periodic error though with real time data in the past few months. Not sure what it is. I connect to the OIP via a eithernet over powerline to my pool house - this is where the unit is. The issue has only come up in the past 2-3 months and I've had the unit for about 2 years. So not sure why I get this. It happens a few times each day. The plugin works ok, but there are a few issues with it with this model. For one, the wind direction doesn't work - well, at least most times. The value of the wind device often exceed 360 degrees. Saying that,most times the status graphics don't work and if you want to use it in HSTouch, you're out of luck. I think a bit of tweaking with the plugin should resolve the issues I see. I know that Frank will be doing that sometime in the near future.

    HS3PRO as a Fire Daemon service, Windows 2016 Server Std Intel Core i5 PC HTPC Slim SFF 4GB, 120GB SSD drive, WLG800, RFXCom, TI103,NetCam, UltraNetcam3, BLBackup, CurrentCost 3P Rain8Net, MCsSprinker, HSTouch, Ademco Security plugin/AD2USB, JowiHue, various Oregon Scientific temp/humidity sensors, Z-Net, Zsmoke, Aeron Labs micro switches, Amazon Echo Dots, WS+, WD+ ... on and on.