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Outdoor temp device

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    Outdoor temp device

    Problem solved/disappeared. I went into device and tried to edit Status Graphic. Before changing anything, I canceled the edit. Now the Temp Out is following the weather station.

    Is it possible to make a ambientweather device from the weather station for Outdoor Temperature MAX and Outdoor Temperature MIN, or Average Outdoor Temperature for the day?

    I am going to find another way to get the mean temp.

    Now I find the device for Outdoor Temp is showing 0 degrees. The device shows 90.9 for value and string is "0 degrees".
    How do I get plug-in to show the value and not the string?

    Walt Boudreaux

    I've been asked this before, but not had a chance to look into it. I really have to think if this is possible or something worth doing. Just note that those values would constantly change throughout the day (especially max and average).
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