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Remote TX-3100B wireless thermo-hygrometers stopped updating

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    Remote TX-3100B wireless thermo-hygrometers stopped updating

    Frank, when you have time to look into this...I know you're busy.

    I have an Ambient WS-8478A which has been working well with Ambient plugin. I have three TX-3110B wireless thermo-hygrometers associated with the weather station that also were working well. These provide humidity and temperature readings and also have battery status. Each TX-3110B created devices named by default in Homeseer as "Sensor 1 Temperature", "Sensor 1 Humidity", "Sensor 1 Battery", "Sensor 2 Temperature"...etc

    I changed two things at the same time on the Homeseer devices, and now the sensors are not updating.

    First I renamed all the sensor devices to something more specific for my needs, such as changing "Sensor 1 Temperature" to "Temperature Indoor Upstairs".

    Secondly, I noticed that there were Ambient Homeseer devices that were created for "Temperature Indoor" and "Humidity Indoor" that had never updated. My WS-8478A has no internal temp/humidity sensor and relies on using a TX-3110B to obtain indoor reading. So I deleted Indoor Temperature and Indoor Humidity assuming they were not needed.

    Now none of the three TX-3110Bs are updating.


    This is in the log every two minutes, which is the time interval for checking ambient server:
    Jun-22 9:38:09 AM AmbientWeather ERROR Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at HSPI_AmbientWeather.Simplex.Classes.AmbientWeatherNet.Update DataDevices(Dictionary`2 AmbientData)

    EDIT 2:

    So I went to the plugin page and hit the "Create Devices" button and "Temperature Indoor" and "Humidity Indoor" devices were recreated. Seems like everything is working again.

    This looks like a bug.