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WS-2000 Console Hidden Feature

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    WS-2000 Console Hidden Feature

    I'm not sure when this was added but found it after updating the firmware on my WS-2000. The ability to have the console send data locally not just to and WeatherUnderground. This option may also be available on other newer consoles I don't know.

    I thought it might be a nice feature to add to the Ambient Weather Plugin in place of screen scrapping the ObserverIP device option for Local Data.

    This console is actually made by a company called Fine Offset who also makes the Ecowitt Devices. If you download the Ecowitt Phone APP (WS View) you can see the WS-2000 Ambientweather console. If you select the WS-2000, which shows as AMBWeather-WIFIXXXX (XXXX= last 4 digits of MAC address) from the device list you will see the Upload configuration screen. Press Next button 3 times and you will see the Customized screen. You can enter the IP and PORT of where you would like the console to send the weather data.

    I wrote a listener application which I use for my Ecowitt devices and it can also receive the Ambientweather console data as well. Just a simple tcpip listener to MQTT.

    Thought you might be interested to know about this.

    I have not found anyway to access the custom setting from the Console or the AWnet phone app, just the WS View APP

    FYI - I thought I would try this with the 2902C console but have not been able to get the Ecowitt app to connect to it.


      What console Firmware and WiFi Firmware version are you on?

      My WS-2000 is on Pro_V1.6.4 with WiFi Firmware of V4.2.8