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Rain Accumulation Device

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    Rain Accumulation Device

    I realize what I'm asking here is a HS question but was hoping you could indulge me.

    I want to set up a device where I can trigger an event at the end of the day that accumulates the amount of rain. i.e. I want a device that shows the total rainfall for the month.

    Event would be at 11:58pm every night.

    Instant script is: &hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(858,(hs.DeviceValueEx(858)+hs.Device ValueEx(857),true)

    Where 858 is the accumulation device; 857 is the UltraNetatmo3 'Rain - Today' device.

    My issue is my created accumulation device (857) do I get it established as a double integer device? (I'm assuming the UltraNetatmo3 'Rain - Today' device is double integer) Just creating a device (from the '+" icon in HS) and running the script results in zero as the accumulation is significantly less than 1.

    Or can I just 'hack it' by copying the UltraNetatmo3 'Rain Today' device and then renaming it, or will that cause plug-in confusion issue?

    Ken J.