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Most recent alert as device or variable?

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  • Most recent alert as device or variable?

    I have several tablets throughout my house that are running hstouch. Currently when a weather alert is issued they display a screen with the Alert Type and Alert Title. What I would really like is to display the full alert as well. I can't figure out a way to do this. I know it's fairly unreasonable to create a new device for every alert, as a single area can be affected by many alerts at once, but is there possible a way to have a device that just displays the full text for the most recent alert?

    Or any other suggestions on how to display the full alert using hstouch?

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    Just noticed my blatant typo in the post title. *Recent - not cecent. Can't edit that though - whoops.

    Edit: And apparently it is edited now. Not by me though. Thanks mods
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      I would also like this feature - when touch screens are your primary interface, it would be nice to be able to see full details of an alert.

      As per multiple alerts... I wonder if it would be possible to have a new single device that lists all the active alert titles? That way you can see everything that's occurring and not have to worry that something like a new Flood Watch overwriting a previous alert, such as a Tornado Warning.


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        I did find a workaround to accomplish this. Using either BLSpeech or Jon00Speak plugins you can send whatever is spoken through homeseer to a device. Then just use this device as your source for the text. Of course you will have to get the timing right so that this is the speech being sent and not some other statement that made it into the speech queue, but so far this has been working for me.