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Feature request: HS3 devices for Alert details

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    Feature request: HS3 devices for Alert details

    Would it be possible to add an option to add devices for alert details? Currently the only devices are for the last type and title, but would like additional alert entries be stored optionally in HS3 devices as well.

    My suggestion would be a configuration option to specify how many alerts should be shown in devices and check box options in the device alerts configuration to specify the additional type of devices per alert count to be created These additional options would be alert type, date posted, date expires, title and message. Basically it is the content of the Alerts tab up to a specified count to be displayed in individual devices.

    I second this as I just ran into just today creating HSTouch screens with UltraWeatherBug data. I wanted to get the actual information for the weather alert on a HSTouch screen in case we need to review it again with ease.



      The weather alerts I receive have generic titles with any useful information (e.g. snow, wind, etc.) recorded in the message summary. My thinking is a device with the summary text could be further parsed to crop the rather long list of counties and other superfluous info to get an excerpt for spoken alerts.



        With Ana giving us a lot of rain and wind, and alerts coming out with increasing frequency, it would be nice to know WHAT it is all about rather than just a heads-up that an new alert came out.

        As it is, now.... you have to dash into a room with a computer screen and try to figue out if it is important or not....
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          Adding spark alerts

          Is it possible to add spark alerts ?
          so i can see when the thunderstorm arrives ?

          Like the app i can see the sparks , but i want to trigger an event when the spark is really close

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