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Deleting Stations Created in Config

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  • Deleting Stations Created in Config

    How are stations deleted that are created in the plug in configuration. I inadvertently created incorrect stations, now that I have my station in the list correct, I am unable to delete several stations. I check the box, and click delete. The page refreshes to a BLANK page. I've tried in Chrome and Edge, no success. Deleted the plugin and reinstalled, and it resotred my user data. Really stumped here. Hope someone can help!

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    I Don't have this plugin yet. However, from other Plugins I use, they are probably saved in a config file or .ini file. Search around in the HomeSeer directory for files with the plugins name.

    When you delete a plugin the config and ini files remain and that is why it is picking them up again when you reinstalled. Look at the log from when you reinstalled you might see a line that says something along the lines of "weatherflow.ini" already exists"
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      Thank you for the tip drparker151. I searched the HS3 file directory. The only thing I see is the actual weatherflow.exe file. The data file or .ini file must be called something different from the plugin developer, unrelated to weatherflow. Now the issue I have is the plugin will not even start, it is stuck in INFO: Plugin start is pending. I've read the logs, and can't see anything that looks unusual. At this point I wish I could simply delete everything related to weatherflow and start fresh. But without knowing what the data file is called in the HS3 directory, or where it is, I'm stuck.


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        in the update folder, the HSCF file says this in a command window and immiedatly closes.

        Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'HSCF, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
        at HSPI_WeatherFlow.WeatherFlow.Main(String[] args)

        Critical Error, plugin disconnected.


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          It's not clear to me what you did to try and delete the station. On the WeatherFlow plug-in configuration page there is a delete button next to each configured station. Simply clicking that should delete all the device records associated with the station and it should remove it from the configuration page.

          Note that the status page and the local sensor list will always show the sky/air sensors that it detects on the local network regardless of if you've configured a station or not.

          The plug-in saves all the data about each station in main device records for each sensor, so deleting all the device records for the sensors should also delete the station. Although you'd have to restart the plug-in for the station to be removed from the configuration page.

          If it's actually failing to delete the records after you click the delete button, try enabling the debug info (checkbox) and check the log.
          Bob Paauwe
          ISYInsteon Plug-in


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            Hello, I did try that method for deleting that unwanted station. When I checked the box and clicked delete, the page refreshed and was completely blank (white). When I tried a browser refresh, the stations were still there, indicating to me that the check boxes stations did not delete successfully. To see if this was a localized issue, I tried multiple browsers, and several computers and a tablet with the same delete method, which did not work.

            Deleting the plugin and reinstalling, just imports the existing data and stations again.

            If I knew where the data file was in the HS3 file directory, can I not manually delete the stations in the file and save?

            My issue now is the plug in is disconnected with a critical error:

            Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'HSCF, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
            at HSPI_WeatherFlow.WeatherFlow.Main(String[] args)

            I am unable to get into the configuration of the plugin from the drop down menu at all now.


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              If you delete the plugin and re-install it do you still get the error? It sounds like HomeSeer can't actually find the plug-in executable. The plug-in doesn't store any data or configuration, the only file it needs is the .exe file. All the station data is stored in the device records. If you go to device management view and filter on type "Type: Plugin: WeatherFlow" and delete all the records created by the plug-in, all configuration is removed.
              Bob Paauwe
              ISYInsteon Plug-in


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                Message from the logs:

                Mar-17 3:11:02 PM Warning I/O interface WeatherFlow is down, executable is not running, restarting ...


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                  That makes sense, let me try and delete all of the devices from the device page, to remove the configuration.

                  What is interesting is weatherflow installer package downloads to the update folder in HS3, and stays there after the plugin is installed. Ordinarily the .exe gets moved to a main folder after a plugin gets installed. It remains in the update folder.

                  Disconnected status related? I'm not sure. HomeSeer is not seeing the plugin.


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                    So I think I have it corrected now.

                    I restarted the WF hub just as an added step. Deleted the devices in the device page, just as you recommended. Deleted the plugin. Went into the HS3 file for updates and deleted the plugin folder. And started from scratch. With the old devices deleted, it allowed me to reinstall the plugin and it was finally being seen by HomeSeer. So far so good, I appreciate you help! I'll keep experimenting. I didn't want to climb up on the roof and install the sensor, if I couldn't successfully integrate with my homeseer and use your plugin. Let you know how it goes later!


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                      So the plugin doesn't seem to be updating the data from the PWS that I can see. The data is rendering correctly from the weatherflow portal, and public webpage:


                      I can't see any issue on the WF side, as the data looks to be correct when rendering weather conditions. HomeSeer does not seem to be updating the data on the device page. Everything has said 32 degrees on the Weatherflow AIR sensor, and no wind data, UV, reported on the Weatherflow Sky sensor.

                      Because I am still new to this plugin, and learning to navigate the plug in and device features, I was hoping you can look at the screen shots and see if the configuration is correct, or I am missing something.

                      I tried the following:

                      ~Disable/Enable the plugin
                      ~Device Polling
                      ~Resetting the WF Hub
                      ~Restarting HS3

                      Is there a device missing in the device page that should be there, to configure the root settings or advanced settings. Not sure what Is missing here.


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                        Solved: I had incorrect serial numbers for the SKY and AIR sensors. Sometimes it's the simplest things as an oversight. Working well now. Thank you very much


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                          Sorry about that. I tried to make the configuration as simple as possible while still allowing for custom configuration but it really needs some documentation to go along with it.

                          The simple configuration steps, assuming you have both an air and a sky are:

                          1) Enter the station ID in the station ID field
                          2) Check the checkboxes next to the air and sky
                          2a) Optionally check the rapid wind checkbox
                          3) Click the Add button

                          The plug-in will query the WF servers for the elevation, the air and sky serial numbers, your units preferences, and some initial data like current daily rain total. It will then create the devices and should start updating them as it receives data from the hub.

                          Manually entering the air or sky serial numbers is mainly there to handle cases where you have multiple air or sky sensors attached to your hub.

                          Enabling/disabling the air or sky individually allows you to get data from the air sensor of one station while tracking the sky data from a different station.

                          The Remote checkbox allows you to pull the data from the WF servers to track data from a station not on your local network.

                          Also, if you encounter the issue with deleting a station again, try and document what steps lead to that. I tried a number of different ways to delete a station and it always worked as I expected so being able to reproduce what went wrong, will allow to me fix that so no one else has that problem.
                          Bob Paauwe
                          ISYInsteon Plug-in


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                            No, not at were very helpful. I appreciate the simplicity, its just me tackling the learning curve. Once I got the serials correct, everything went live. I'm really excited about the weather events I can create and the endless possibilities through homeseer. Thank you for taking the time to create this. It is exactly what I had been looking for!