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Getting time of dawn, solar noon, dusk

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  • Getting time of dawn, solar noon, dusk

    I'm not sure this is the place to ask. Nonetheless, is it possible to get from WeatherXML (or somewhere else) the specific time for a specific date and location dawn, solar noon, and dusk? We have built in to HomeSeer the time for sunrise and sunset, but I would like to have these other variables to use for raising and lowering blinds.


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    Dusk and Dawn are very subjective items which have various meanings. I have seen many sometimes a heated discussion with terms such as Asteonomical, Civil and Nautical Dusk/Dawn thrown around.

    I use Sunrise and Sunset and then add or subtract time from them with a series of IF statements to increment during seasons. So for summer months I use
    • IF Date is After 3/15
    • AND IF date is before 11/1
    • AND IF time is 15 minutes after sunset

    For the rest of the year I use 30 minutes after sunset. This event doe snot have date restrictions since it runs after the Summer event. I could do it with one event and just add an OR IF but I added the Summer event later as a test.

    You could adjust the times to your needs and even shorten the date ranges if you wanted. These values work for my needs with outside lights in the Mid Atlantic area of the US.


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      Thanks. I have been looking at this site: and they provide the times for those variables. In any case, the way you suggest will work well enough.