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Cannot see data on HSTouch

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    Cannot see data on HSTouch


    I have two (2) SEL Pro boxes, both with WeatherXML. When I connect to Box#1 with HSTouch, I get the weather data on the "Weather" screen.

    When I connect to box#2, I get no data. I have confoirmed that Box#2 is retrieving data from WeatherUndergound. I am sure I am missing something simple. I have compared the setup on both machines.

    HSTouch can ready other data from Box#2, e.g. locks, camera.

    Any help to resolve this is greatly appreciated.


    The problem you are running into is that even though you select a device from a list of the device names, HSTouch is storing the refID for normal devices.
    The only way you could get the data to show from both HS servers would be if the devices have the exact same refID on each HS server. Since the refID is auto generated form a table key, there isn't a way to set the refID.

    Cameras are the same because they are accessed via a url so they work on both HS servers.

    What you could do is to setup weatherXML to output an xml file on the HS server. Then design your HSTouch pages to read the xml file, since the filename and path to the file is the same on both you would be able to switch between the two.
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      started working

      I did create a generic Weather screen which reads the weather.xml a while back and this is what I am using.

      About 5 hours after my post, started getting weather data on HSTouch from the second HomeTroller for reasons I still do not understand.

      So to summarize, I can connect to either Hometroller and get the weather screen to display data appropriate to the controller I am connected to.

      So original problem solved. I still do not know why is just started to work. Thank you for the speedy response.