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Alert Trigger, and Alert Devices

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    Alert Trigger, and Alert Devices

    Can someone please explain the relationship between Alert Triggers, and Alert Devices.

    I'm thinking an Alert Trigger sets an Alert Device to a value of 1, when its conditions are met. If true, then how do you associate an Alert Trigger to an Alert Device?

    Ultimately what I'm trying to do is when an Alert Trigger conditions/setting are met, it can then fire off an HS3 event.


    I am wondering the same thing...


      Is there any documentation on this? I have looked through the manuals but I am not seeing it


        There isn't a way to set a device to belong to a trigger as a trigger could find multiple alerts. I know the alerts section needs lots of updating. It is on my to do list.
        But as more and more data providers quit providing data, weatherXML has become less and less useful. Between that and lots of changes happening at work, I am not sure what I am going to do with weatherXML. I want to keep it going but just can't find enough time to keep up with new providers and try to update older parts of the plugin.
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