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Too Many API calls leads to discovering "End of Service for Weather Underground API"

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    Too Many API calls leads to discovering "End of Service for Weather Underground API"

    I've been using the Weather Underground API to get my (Montreal, Canada) forecasts for quite a few years. A few days ago I started getting warnings that my API key was contacting them just over 500 times a day (like 501, 503, etc.). I found that weird because my WXML PI only contacts them 18 times per day.

    After opening a ticket with them, and not getting a reply after several days, I decided to go look at their website and discovered this: Please read an important notice to our customers: End of Service for the Weather Underground API .

    I took a quick look on this forum and don't see any mention of this. The WU folks seem to be saying that they'll offer something new but I won't hold my breath; they're cutting the API's off on December 31st.

    I liked WU because I could get the information in French (for my wife).So what are my alternatives going to be?
    HS3 Pro Shuttle XS36VL Atom PC - Win 7 Pro 32 / HCSII / Insteon / Z-Wave & SmartStick+ / DSC 1832 - PC5108 - IT100 / 651 devises & 154 events
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    its been "somewhere" on the forum for around 10 months. I use to send data to weather underground and then pull back to HS. Since they chose to kill their API, I have switched over to weather-display and jon00's script to pull data from my weather station. I do not have forecasts/alerts figured out very well yet, but I am workin on it. If you were to ask me, killing their api program will be the death of weather underground.