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    I am testing this over the weekend and plan on sending it to the HS updater on Monday.
    Other changes for the Alert section includes.

    * Fixed the Alert summary to pull the full text for an alert instead of only having a small portion of the alert when the amount of text is over 250 characters.

    * Added the text for any alert Instructions if available for the alert. Ex for a flood alert. Instructions: "Do not drive through flowing water. Nearly half of all flood fatalities are vehicle related. As little as 6 inches of water may cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Two feet of water will carry most vehicles away.This product along with additional weather and stream information is available at"

    * The Alert Instruction text has been added to the trigger page and is available for speaking, emailing, or Pushover text (Pushover Plugin required).

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      Thanks for jumping on this!
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