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Special Weather Statement (Alerts) truncated

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    Special Weather Statement (Alerts) truncated

    Jeff, just had a "Special Weather Statement" issued this morning which TTS properly but the entire message did not complete (speech wise), when looking at the actual Alert (see below) I can see the alert text but there seems to be truncated with a "More Info" am I missing something? Mike

    Attached Files
    Computer: CUK Intel NUC7i7BNH
    Op System: Windows10 Pro - Work Station
    HS Version: HS4 Pro Edition

    Plug-Ins: AK Weather,APCUPSD,BLBackup,BLEditor,BLGData,BLOccupied,BLShutdown,Blue-Iris,Device History,EasyTrigger,Harmony Hub,iRobot,JowiHue,Nest,NetCam Plugin,PHLocation2,Pushover,Random,Restart,Ring,SDJ-Health,Sonos,Sonos4,UltraCID3 3.0.6681.34300,UltraMon3 3.0.6554.33094,UltraNetCam3 3.0.6413.20219,Unifi,Zigbee,Z-Wave, and Jon00 scripts.

    The cutoff text is the way it is sent in the xml file now. I don't remember the exact date that it started being that way. I have looked into using the url for the whole text to grab it. It is on my list of to do items. Just had too much hit all at once with WWO stopping their free access, and WU changing everything I was getting from them.
    My short term goals are Phase 2 of DarkSky. Then rewrite the import for WU. After that I will gauge interest to see weather to rewrite the alerts to use more than just NOAA or to add Ambient to the options for pulling data if someone has a weather Station. Adding Ambient would be quicker than the alerts rewrite so it might be first. Fortunately the WU changes and Ambient changes are not as huge as changing a ton of code to remove the WU stuff and rewriting it to use DarkSky. I am also looking at a new provider that I may use just to get the daily rain totals so I can get the previous last 7 days of rain totals for use with sprinkler systems.

    I expect that I will have more time this year than last as there were several family issues last year.

    Jeff Farmer
    HS 3, HSPhone
    My HS3 Plugins: CFHSExtras, Random, Restart, Tracker, WeatherXML, PanaBluRay
    Other Plugins In Use: APCUPSD, BLOnkyo, Device History, EasyTrigger, HSTouch Server, PHLocation2, Pushover, RFXCom, UltraGCIR3, UltraMon3, UltraPioneerAVR3, X10, Z-Wave

    Hardware: GoControl Irrigation Controler, Schlage Lever Lock, Schlage Deadbolt, Way2Call Hi-Phone, RFXCom RFXrec433 Receiver, WGL 800, TI-103, Z-Net, Pioneer 1120, Pioneer 1021, Pioneer LX302, Panasonic BDT-110, Panasonic BDT-210 x2


      +1 for Ambient first.