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    Help with Maps

    I am currently running version I am using Dark Sky as a current conditions and forecast provider. I am using NOAA as an alerts provider. All seems to be working fine. I downloaded some free weather condition icons put them into the html/images/weatherXML/conditions directory and re-named them and they are showing up fine. In regards to alerts that is working and i currently have triggers working to send me emails. Again all works fine and I am very grateful for your hard work on this.

    However I am confused with Maps. I have a Map Group device and I have created a new Map device. However i don't know where to go to download maps. I went to the Dark Sky site and they have maps but i can't figure out how to download them. I went to the API portion of their site logged in and see nothing that says they allow you to download maps. I went to the NOAA site and saw a US radar map but don't know if I can download it. Can anyone give me an example of a downloadable map that I can integrate into WeatherXML? I would prefer to keep the maps to my region SE Texas if at all possible.

    Second in the documentation it says that "There are 3 maps that weatherXML handles internally." They are an Animated Map, Forcast Chart Image, and Temperature Chart Image. For setup it points you to the "Locations Guide" for setup information. I can't find any reference in the Locations Guide for setting up these maps.

    Any explanation or guidance would greatly be appreciated.


    Several years ago it was easy to find maps that you could be downloaded. Over time, the sites have made it harder to find them. I use the PHLocation plugin and it creates a map of where I am at. I have it setup in a map device so that I can get it into HSTouch.
    The 3 internal ones are no longer available. One was from Weather Underground. The other used a chart API that google shut down last month. I missed getting them removed from the documentation.

    Here is my setup for the PHLocation map.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture2.PNG
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ID:	1297632

    And a setup for a US Dewpoint map
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture1.PNG
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      Yes, it is becoming harder and harder to find downloadable maps. I searched the internet for an hour or so this morning and couldn't find any. I believe NOAA has mapping data available but not the maps themselves. I don't have the programming capability to convert their data into a usable map.

      In another post I saw where a user was using the device history plugin to have historical charts in weatherXML. Do you think JonOO's database charting utility plugin might work?

      I will copy your setup on the dew point map. With that I will have 1 map to display.

      I tried using PHLocation and got uneven results so I switched to Life360 for location/geo-fencing. It seems to perform well enough for my purposes. Plus my wife likes it for tracking me on my way home from my last sales call. She doesn't worry about me so much and can time dinner to my arrival.😁 I also use an app called Triplog to record my business mileage. It also uses GPS. That has me using 2 apps at the same time that utilize GPS I don't want to add a third.

      Your plugin is great and I thank you for your hard work and excellent support.



        I've been pulling current weather map from NOAA with the following bash shell script. Based on NOAA's documentation at Using Imagemagick to combine the layers.

        composite ILX_N0R_0.gif ILX_Topo_Short.jpg 1.jpg
        composite ILX_County_Short.gif 1.jpg 2.jpg
        composite ILX_Highways_Short.gif 2.jpg 3.jpg
        composite ILX_City_Short.gif 3.jpg 4.jpg
        composite ILX_Warnings_0.gif 4.jpg 5.jpg
        composite ILX_N0R_Legend_0.gif 5.jpg current_noaa.jpg
        I'm sure the composite can be done in 1 line, but I built it over time and added and removed layers and this was simpler for me to manage.

        Resulting in the following static image.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	current_noaa.jpg
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Size:	148.6 KB
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          Cool thanks for this. I have been reading on the NOAA website but wasn't sure how to go about this. Now all I have to figure out is how to do it in Windows.


            Any new plans on added and/or adding a new way (such as mentioned above but for Windows HomeSeer Setups) to get Radar images?