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    Legacy Device question

    It has been discussed before but I'm still not clear as to the function of a legacy device? Has this type of device been outdated?


    If you remember with HS2, almost everything was done with the device string. We would put html code into the string to that it would look good in a browser. Web pages were the only way to make displays.

    Along came HSTouch and HS3. The device string is still around, but Status Graphics are available. HSTouch does not use html, so when you add a device to HSTouch the html is ignored and the nice looking display is not so nice looking anymore. An example is the Horizontal, and Vertical Forecast devices. Put those in a HSTouch element and everything is all jumbled together.

    The Legacy devices are the left over HS2 style devices. Some people still use them as they use the Device Management page to view the devices. I am not planning on doing away with them.

    The HS3 style devices are more data related. Each weather element is a separate device. That allows you to design HSTouch or HSMobile pages with the layout that you want.
    Thanks to FunGun providing me with several LCARS graphics, I have designed a HSTouch LCARS interface. My wife is a big Star Trek fan, so the LCARS interface has allowed me to get more items for automation.

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