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    Horizontal forecast special request


    Is it possible to include in some future version the ability to generate the horizontal forecast png image with white letting as well as black lettering. I have an HSTouch project which I'd love to use the forecast image but my background is black. Since this is the case, aside from the red and blue temperature values, I cannot read/see any other details of the forecast.


    P.S. Also just noticed now that in my 4 day forecast, it shows the image for partly cloudy day, for day 0, partly cloudy night for day1 rather than for the day.. see the attached. I'm confused. I was expecting to see the image for each Day in days, 0,1,2,3

    Click image for larger version  Name:	horizontalForecast_1.png Views:	0 Size:	48.1 KB ID:	1309034
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    The way Dark Sky does images is they take the part of the 24 hour period that has the worst condition and that is what they use for the icon. So for Thursday the worst condition is "Partly Cloudy Night" which is the image for that day.
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