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How to?... Tomorrow's Forecast in Events

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  • How to?... Tomorrow's Forecast in Events

    I'm no expert in this plugin but I dont see this info in the plugin -- maybe I missed it or there may a different way I dont know about?

    I need to create an event that looks forward to the next day: High temp, Low temp, Chance of rain, and Humidity

    Trying to create an event like this...


    thx for the help!

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    if you go to the devices page and select the days ahead that you want WXML will create the devices. Below is a copy of the device page.

    Click image for larger version

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    A simplified event would be

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot from 2019-08-22 09-09-50.png
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    Hope this helps


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      Just for clarity... the 'Day' is 'Days in the future? Thus, Day 1 = "Tomorrow"?

      my event would then look like this? ...
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        Day 0 is today. Day 1 tomorrow all the way to day 6 to give you a full 7 day forecast. You also may want to make sure you update with the latest forecast prior to running the event.


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          This may not give you the complete effect you want as the weather is at the nearest airport etc and your specific weather could be different especially with precipitation.


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            What is the best way to trigger events based on the Forecast/Location/Day/Type, where the Type=Day Condition? I'm what to trigger my solar hot water tank to turn on if it is going to be cloudy or rainy (basically low solar help on creating hot water and I don't want cold showers).Click image for larger version

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              I think this might be very difficult to get right by parsing the string to find all the variations available. Have you considered a temperature sensor to measure the temp in the solar collector? I think this would provide a concrete reading to do what you want. Sorry I could not be more help.


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                Yes, I am planning on hooking up a temp sensor to measure the collector temp. What I am trying to do is to prevent or allow the electric element to heat the water only if the forecast for the day is no sun. I'm also on a time-of-use (TOU) plan with the utility provider and want to use electricity while the rates are lowest in the day 9pm-5am and 9am-5pm. If there will be sun, I don't want to heat the tank with electricity before the sun has the chance to do the job throughout the day. So, that is where the forecast come in. Here in AZ ,only cloudy and rainy days generate little solar radiation. so, if i know the forecast is for a cloudy or rainy, i will heat the water heater with electricity 9a-5p, otherwise, i will not turn on the electricity to the water heater.

                I hope this makes sense.


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                  Completely. If you use the easy trigger plugin then you can search the condition string with a regular expression. I have done a mock up an event to illustrate. See Below. I created a virtual device "Solar Panel Status". You would need a second event to turn off the device.

                  Click image for larger version

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