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    I have not been around the forums much lately and it is time I admit, to myself, that I can't do everything. There just isn't enough time. My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers with Dementia. We are in the process of getting a spare room setup for her to move into. We are having her here on the weekends and will soon be permanent. The Drs have said that where ever she is going to be it has to be soon. It is taking a lot of time to help her and I just don't have time for my hobbies anymore. I haven't been able to touch my plugins or do anything new with HA for several weeks.
    I will try to package up the most recent changes I made and send in one last release. After that I don't know when I will be back on the forums.
    Jeff Farmer
    HS 3, HSPhone
    My HS3 Plugins: CFHSExtras, Random, Restart, Tracker, WeatherXML, PanaBluRay
    Other Plugins In Use: APCUPSD, BLOnkyo, Device History, EasyTrigger, HSTouch Server, PHLocation2, Pushover, RFXCom, UltraGCIR3, UltraMon3, UltraPioneerAVR3, X10, Z-Wave

    Hardware: GoControl Irrigation Controler, Schlage Lever Lock, Schlage Deadbolt, Way2Call Hi-Phone, RFXCom RFXrec433 Receiver, WGL 800, TI-103, Z-Net, Pioneer 1120, Pioneer 1021, Pioneer LX302, Panasonic BDT-110, Panasonic BDT-210 x2