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Darksky API access, on Linux, fails with "TrustFailure"

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    Darksky API access, on Linux, fails with "TrustFailure"

    Has anyone been able to get WeatherXML working from Linux using the DarkSky API? I have double-checked my API key is entered correctly. Nothing shows up in the homeseer log when the schedule is run.

    I get the following log:
    Confirm Common Min Time
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6009220 PM weatherXML Set the value to use as the minimum time
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6011690 PM weatherXML Check override
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6014200 PM weatherXML Use for delay: 0
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6016530 PM weatherXML Check for last ran date
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6019190 PM weatherXML Check for last ran time
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6021970 PM weatherXML Last Ran: 10/20/2019 6:45:01 PM
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6024660 PM weatherXML Set the download minutes
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6027270 PM weatherXML lastDownloadMins: 34
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6029860 PM weatherXML File exists check: /opt/HomeSeer/Data/weatherXML/DScondition1.json
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6032920 PM weatherXML File does Not exist. Proceed to download.
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.6036320 PM weatherXML Downloading the Dark Sky Condition file at
    2019-10-20 07:18:36.7886070 PM weatherXML Error downloadFile: Dark Sky Condition from: Error: Error: TrustFailure (Authentication failed, see inner exception.)

    Here utilize Dark Sky for my Ubuntu widget and it works fine. It never did work just right for WeatherXML so went to using NOAA.
    - Pete

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