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    WeatherXML Maps

    I started my XML and and have put in some weather info but i do not know how to enter maps ie radar Where do I get them and where do I enter them


    Here is one site You will have to copy the URL from the files you want.

    There should be a device named New map group created by weatherXML. Open the device and there is a tab WeatherXML. This is where you start the process. This is all in the documentation. Plugins --> weatherXML --> Documentation.

    Jeff has done a good job describing how you do this.


      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 12.27.46 PM.png
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ID:	1350114 Yes I did read hisDocumentation and thought I had figured but i must be missing something This is what i get Its only a small blue box next to Radar


        Have you run update maps? This control on the Location 1 map group forces the update to the individual maps. If you have more than one map you can use the group rotator map.

        I will also refer you to this discussion. It has more to do with HSTouch but discusses an alternative to using weatherXML.

        I had significant difficulties displaying the maps in HSTouch (especially radar .gif files) This is why I took the manual approach. It also allowed me to have more than one loop.


          So I am still at a standstill. Here is my screenshots of my pages. I found a radar map inserted it and went back too main page to hit update maps button but still cannot find out what I'm doing wrong .
          Do you see any problems with what Im doing wrong ?? The maps on the main page are coming up as small blue boxes

          Thank you in advance
          John Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 4.25.23 PM.png
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Name:	Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 4.24.54 PM.png
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            I do not see a problem. Let me recreate exactly what you have and see if I get the same results.


              I created just what you did and it would not download the .gif. If I change to a static .jpg it downloads and updates every time.

              I don't know if you are using windows or linux but you can use wget to retrieve the file in either system. I will see if I can load .gif from a directory after the file is downloaded.


              This is what my log is showing
              2019-12-30 05:39:46.6724440 PM weatherXML wXMLValueSetRef: 12/30/2019 5:39:46 PM
              2019-12-30 05:39:46.6950970 PM weatherXML downloadFromURL:
              2019-12-30 05:39:46.7203700 PM weatherXML Map Refid: 611 url: Filename: /opt/HomeSeer/html/images/weatherXML/maps/downloadMap_1_1.gif
              2019-12-30 05:39:47.0780110 PM weatherXML Error downloadMapImage: A web exception has occured [] for device 611. System returned: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
              2019-12-30 05:39:47.0792200 PM weatherXML mapSwapValue: LocID: 1, ChildRefID: 611
              Something is not correct in weatherXML for downloading .gif

              I can go to the site and down load so I don't think it is the .gov server.

              Jeff - Any thoughts?


                I am using a Homeseer Hub which is running Linux


                  The OS is ubuntu and if you can ssh into the box you can run sudo apt-get install wget. Then you can write an event to pull down the files.

                  Here is the event I use to get the files daily.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot from 2019-12-30 20-41-30.png
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                  Here is the parameters part so you don't have to type it

                  -O /opt/HomeSeer/html/images/weatherXML/maps/USLoopRadar.gif

                  -O /opt/HomeSeer/html/images/weatherXML/maps/24hrLightning.gif

                  -O /opt/HomeSeer/html/images/weatherXML/maps/24hrLightning.gif

                  I rename all the files as they are downloaded so they have more meaning to me. That is the part before the https:

                  Hope this helps


                    Thank you for your time and help i understand the events reloading at certain times but this wget into the box I don't feel comfortable doing fearing I might screw up my software

                    I did have this running without that wget a couple of years ago I'm just confused why now I need it.



                      Sorry I was not able to help and I cannot answer why it quit working. I just learned of another option

                      hs.GetURLImage( "", "/data/forecast/grads/hrrrp/panel12/anim.gif", True, 80, "/html/images/weatherXML/maps/junk.gif")

                      You can call this in an event as an immediate script as shown below. I just got done executing and it downloaded the file.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot from 2020-01-01 16-26-58.png Views:	0 Size:	42.4 KB ID:	1351086
                      See the parameters for the call below This function returns a web page image file. This is useful for retrieving pages like weather satellite maps, and then displaying the maps in a HomeSeer device.


                      Parameter: host
                      Type: string
                      Description: This is the name or IP address of host to connect to, such as "".

                      Parameter: page
                      Type: string
                      Description: This is the image to retrieve from the server, such as "/logo.gif". It should be fully qualified as referenced from the host parameter above, such as "\images\something\other\logo.gif" if necessary.

                      Optional Parameter: strip_tags
                      Type: boolean
                      Description: This parameter is ignored in GetURLImage.

                      Optional Parameter: port (Default=80)
                      Type: integer
                      Description: This is the port number on the server to connect with (80 = standard web server).

                      Optional Parameter: filename
                      Type: string
                      Description: This is the file that you would like the downloaded image to be stored in. If the filename is not fully qualified, then the HomeSeer path will be prepended to the string provided. This is recommended for VBS scripts to prevent trying to work with the byte array return which cannot be written to a file easily using VBS script accessible objects. Returns

                      Return value: page image
                      Type: byte array (.NET Object or VBScript Variant)
                      Description: This is the contents of the requested web page image. If an error occurs, the text "ERROR:" will be returned followed by a reason for the error.


                        So I copied it exactly as your screen shot but still nothing on my Device list or HS Touch

                        Did I miss anything?? Very Frustrating Also get no error.


                        ss Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 4.59.36 PM.png Views:	0 Size:	56.9 KB ID:	1351599


                          This will only download the file to the maps directory. Is the file there? Have you added the directory path to you weatherXML map device? /maps/junk.gif


                            I did put in the file but i have to go over to make sure I'm not missing anything


                              This is what the device should look like Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot from 2020-01-04 08-23-11.png
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ID:	1351768

                              When you update maps it will show in the status.