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    Hi brientim ,

    Quick question - was the plugin (rnbHydra) turned off for any length (over 1 hour)? Did your internet drop?
    I may have narrowed it down.



      Come to think of it yes there was.
      Sorry for any inconveniences and this appeared to be isolated to the INI file... I attempted to reset and configure and I was receiving an error when clicking on Save. I just deleted the rnbHydra.ini and restored from backup and restarted and this resolved the issue.



        Hi brientim , It looks like how the Hydrawsie authentication works is if not connected for sometime then the authentication expires. There is nothing I can do about this as tht is how Hunter have built out their authentication scheme but I will touch base with them and try to figure out the exact time before it expires. I know the access token expires after 59 mins and the plugin regenerates a new access token automatically when this happens.

        So, the error was caused by an authorised error being returned by Hydrawsise. I did not check for this posssibility in the code so I have a fix I'm about to push out now that will not put the plugin into error state (shutdown/restart loop). Also, I will add a new status to the controller connection with the new option being Unauthorized.
        This will allow you to have a event trigger on device becoming unauthorized which at least means you;ll be alerted to the issue. This will also save you from having to delete the INI file next time.

        I'll be posting a beta update in a few mins as there is another issue I'm looking at for somebody potentially tied to javascript. This BETA will have the fix for what you saw as well so you can install the BETA if you want or wait as soon as I resolve the other issue I'll post a full (not BETA) update.




          Make sense that the authentication was invalidated due to timing out as a result being offline and currently there isn't an error handling procedure and hence the infinite.

          I will look for the BETA release and at least for the sake of multiple testers... As indicated previously not much happening here that requires this service to be active and sky beers. are doing my watering.


            Hi Tim,
            I've posted the rnbHydra BETA update to HomeSeer (v4.0.0.4).
            If you go to Plugins menu and click Add, you should now see rnbHydra appear twice in the menu - one as the official version ( and the other as a beta ( version.


              Acknowledged and installed. Thanks for the support.


                I've installed rnbWeather and have configured the plugin. Interestingly, I only see version in the updater. In my logs, I'm seeing this. The plugin has created all the devices but they are all empty, saying "Waiting for Update". Any thoughts? I'm running HS4 (Linux-Ubuntu 20.04 with Mono
                Click image for larger version  Name:	2020-10-27_9-45-58.png Views:	0 Size:	38.2 KB ID:	1429094


                  Version is the latest BETA. I wrongly referred to in an earlier post as I know I have put 3 BETAs out but forgot I started at πŸ˜€

                  Can you share your rnbWeather.ini file with me through a message so I can have a quick look? It’s in the config directory under HomeSeer.

                  I’m assuming you have got a valid API key and included that in the plugin?

                  I’ve test the plugin on UBuntu and there were no issues so something else is at play.

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                    Hi All,

                    I've been a little quite as I've been working away on integrating the next weather service. is now available to test in BETA.
                    BETA has these changes.
                    There is a few different things in this updated BETA:
                    • YR dataset proves quite interesting to work through as everything is given in UTC time so I need to figure our your location timezone and time difference to UTC to allow me to find the correct values. The first ~48 hours are done houyly but then revert to 6 hourly for certaini data and 12 hourly for other data. I am using the new API so it is a little different to the one weatherXML was using. I did this as after reading a lot of documentation from YR, it looks like they will turn off the older one somewhere around the end of the year (unless I read it wrong). Also by using the latest official API, we dont risk losing access soon and I will now get updates for other future changes to it πŸ˜€
                    • With the data being structured differently in, I have realised that getting the sunrose and sunset times were nont as easy as I expect as everything is in UTC and may not line up nicely with my/your timezone. For this reason, I have moved to calculate all sunrise/sunset times within rnbWeather using the mathamatical calculation for them usiing your location. In the current weather services sunrise and sunset are reference from where the wether station is located. Although maybe only 1-2mins different, I'd prefer to know the exact time at my location πŸ˜€
                    • Moon phases a and zodiac signs have also been included in all weather services (again based on the mathamatical calculations). New icons have also been created/added to represent these features and status.
                    • Bug identified in rnbWeather suppport page when runniing linx - this error has been temporarily disabled. if othter rnbPlugings where installed, it cuased them to go into a restart loop forever (Nox fixed)
                    • Initial coding work done to support NOAA but Not yet available for use

                    This plugin is still in BETA, so please expect there may/will be issues. Thank you for all those reaching out as they find issues and I think we have them all fixed in this version.

                    Still to be fixed in this BETA: Wizard to allow selecting YR weather services. In this BETA, after you have configured Openweather, you can go back into settings and enable YR weather service from there.

                    HomeSeer have still not created a new forum for me yet πŸ™ (assuming they were tied up getting ready for Black November sale).
                    To move this along, if nobody comes back with a groundbreaking issue in the next day/two, I will move this version to a full release which may help move HomeSeer in creating the forum.


                      thanks, russr999 can't wait to see the BOM supported! 😊


                        Hi All,

                        HomeSeer have created the new forum for rnbWeather so all future discussion should be over here: