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How To: Random Weather Speak to Speaker Clients

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  • How To: Random Weather Speak to Speaker Clients

    If you are using both the WeatherXML Plugin and the Misc Plugin, you can send a random weather phrase to your Speaker Clients.

    Step 1: Setup the Random Phrase Plugin to integrate with weatherXML.
    Navigate to Random Phrase config, click the Plugins tab.
    If weatherXML is active you will see a dropdown labeled "Select the Category to be used with weatherXML"
    Select one of the Random categories.

    Step 2: Edit phrases for the weatherXML category.
    Navigate to Random Phrase Plugin Config.
    Click the tab Categories.
    Find the category you selected in Step 1.
    Click Edit Phrases.
    Select an existing phrase to Edit or Add a New Phrase.
    Below the Save button will be a list of variables available to use in the phrase.
    Enter your phrase using the variables from the list. Ex. If you don't like the weather, stick around. It will change in 5 minutes. Tomorrow will be #dayCondition2# in #locationName#.
    Click Save

    Repeat Step 2 to add as many different phrases as you want.

    Step 3: Add a Speak Item to weatherXML
    Navigate to WeatherXML Speak Items
    Add a new Speak Item.
    Enter a descriptive name. Ex. Random Weather
    Click Submit and the page will reload.
    You will have two lists. On the left will be a list of available items.
    In the Available List, select Misc Plugin: Random Phrase
    Click the --> button
    Click Return

    Find the new speak item in the list and click the Advanced Button.
    In the Misc Random Phrase dropdown, select the Category that you selected in Step 1.
    Click Save

    Step 4: Enter a HomeSeer event
    Navigate to Events, Add Event
    Enter a name for the event Ex. Speak to Cell
    Click on the Action Tab
    From the Add Action Dropdown Select the Category you setup in Step 1.
    Select your Location.
    Enter the speaker clients to send the speaking to. Or leave it blank for all clients.
    Click Return

    Step 5: Test the Speak Item
    Start HSTouch on the speaker clients you entered in Step 4.
    Click the Test button for the Speak Item you edited in Step 4.
    You should hear a random phrase speak from the Speaker Items.

    Step 6: Edit the Event Triggers (Optional)
    To add a weatherXML Random Phrase to an event.
    Enter whatever trigger you want to use.
    Select Random Phrase Speak in the Action dropdown.
    Select the category you setup in Step 1.
    Enter any Speaker Client or leave blank for all Clients.
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