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How To: Use a Random Phrase with weather Alert messages.

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  • How To: Use a Random Phrase with weather Alert messages.

    Currently, the weather alerts only work for NOAA which provides alerts only for those in the U.S.
    I am looking into other sources for weather alerts outside of the U.S.

    Later this week, a new version of weatherXML will have a new variable to be used for weather Alerts if you are using both weatherXML and Random Phrase.


    1. Create a new Category in Random Phrase. You can crate as many categories as you want. For example if you have a weather trigger for Tornadoes and a trigger for Thunderstorms, then you could create a category for Tornadoes and a category for Thunderstorms.

    2. Enter some phrases that you want to use for alerts.
    Attention! This is not a test. There is a weather alert.

    You attention please. I have a serious announcement.

    Coming to a county near you...

    3. In weatherXML, edit an Alert Trigger. There will be a dropdown that has all of the Random Categories to select from.

    4. Choose the Category that you created in stop 1.

    5. Edit the Speak Text and/or the Email Body text and use the variable #alertRandom#.

    6. The next time an alert triggers, it will replace the variable with one of the Phrases you entered in Step 2.
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