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  • Alert Severity Settings

    Am I correct in assuming that in the Alert Severity Settings, the Start and End times refer to No Talk/Silent times? So if 10:PM start to 8:30 AM End, the application will not talk, unless the emergency override setting is met.

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    The other way around. Start at 8:30AM and end at 10PM will let the alerts speak starting at 8:30AM. No alerts will be spoken after 10PM unless the serverity and urgency settings allow it to.

    Lets say you have an alert come in at 3Am that is a moderate severity. It looks at the urgency setting. If you have the Urgency set to Immediate and the alert urgency is Future then the alert doesn't trigger. But if the alert urgency is Immediate then the alert will trigger.
    The repeat dropdown sets how many times the alert will trigger the speak text setup in the trigger. The Email and the Pushover plugin actions will trigger only once.
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      Thank you,