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Does YR Weather Support Us F and MPH

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  • Does YR Weather Support Us F and MPH

    I have been looking around and found some older post that said there was a way to change the weather from C to F and wind speed to MPH but i can not find anywhere to change this? If this is can be done can someone let me know what i have missed? My TOOLS/SETUP/ Other Settings option, Temerature scale is set to Fahrenheit and to my location in VA so im not sure where else to look


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    Yes it supports F and mph
    If you set the HS3 ->Tools->Setup to fahrenheit before starting the YR plugin then the devices will be created with F and mph.
    Although I did see a bug in the textSummary device type if that's the device you are testing.

    I had to test to see if this function still worked, and it did on my setup.


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      Toby, What would be the best way to fix this issue? should i disable then enable the plugin or do i need to reinstall? i attached my devices and my setup page

      update: i ended up having to uninstall YR, Deleting devices and when i reinstalled everything showed in US

      Thanks for the help Toby, You lead me in the right direction!