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Feels Like Option for Temperatures ?

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  • Feels Like Option for Temperatures ?

    I wanted to ask if anyone knows of an option to include Feels Like for Temps? I see it on the YR site but I've looked around the plug in and don't see it as an option and I would like to include it when triggering temperature events if possible

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    "Feels like"-temperature is represented as "dew point temperature in the XML data, although it's not part not part of the API i currently use - i have been thinking about including the added API but as of now it's not there. It's a bit of work to add the new api as it's slightly different to the one used. AND as they are working on a completely new API setup I will not integrate to any of the old ones before i see the changes in the new API

    Although if i can find/agree on a calculation formula that do not use the humidity i could calculate it and add it easily.


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      That makes sense, will be interesting to see how the new API works, out, If you find away before then that would be cool but if i not i understand YR to me is the best option for weather, I was thinking of adding the Feel Like temp to increase accuracy since there can be several degree difference when i look at YR and my local temps and it seem like the Feels like was almost the same as my local weather channel and it would help with triggers for turning off my cameras in the garage, camper and attic plus i have RGB bulb that i have change blue when at freezing temps to let people know to drip our faucets since there is no way i can see to set an event for freeze warning etc



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        Out of curiosity, "feels like" temperatures only affect people and not equipment so why would you base events related to equipment on that?
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          For me im trying to figure out away to add another (Range) using the Feel like to help increase accuracy at my home, and YR Feel Like sometimes matches closer to the temp at my house then YR Current Temp, right now its not helping because it says it 9c (48F) and feels like 9c but weather channel says its 52 feels Feels like 48, my outdoor AEON multi sensor 6 says its 52. I know the wind temp will have no bearing on the actual temp on equipment but i though i could possibly use it for the days when the temps are off when comparing YR and my house/weather channel info. Im hoping to get a WeatherFlow Smart Home Weather Station someday to use as my primary temp sensor and YR as the back up temp (Range) but trying to think of some tricks using what i have to get by for now