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Station information just disappeared..

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    Station information just disappeared..

    Hi Toby ,

    Love the app and have been using it a lot after i bought it.
    Have set up a lot of events and graphics in HS touch using the devices.

    Noticed today that something was not right. After some checking I saw that the Station information was gone.
    Also all the devices was removed from the settings menu, so off course the HS devices had not updated for a while.

    Only solution to the problem as I could find was to add it all again.
    And then the long work to change the devices in all my event and on my HStouch. Was not a good way to spend the weekend.

    SO the question is. Why did everything in the setting disappear? And how can I prevent something like this to happen again?

    After reading on the forum, I was able to fix the issue.
    Just restarted the plugin.
    Was a bit trouble since I already had added a new station, but at least I know it for the future that a restart will fix it