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  • New design philosophy for

    Hi Toby, have you had the chance to check out the new design concept at yet?
    It looks really smart and intuitive, I think. I took it for a spin in HSTouch yesterday: entered the URL for my location in a HTML-box with navigation enabled, it works really nice.
    I would love to have HS device support for the new elements though :-)

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    No, I have not had the chance yet. But will take a look and see what changed.


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      What exactly are you looking for to have added to HStouch? the new icons?
      These are not yet returned by the api, but the graphics can be changed on the devices without braking the plug-in.
      I will look at changing the graphics once they are released in the api.


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        Hi, yes I think the new icons are nice, especially the new wind icon with embedded wind speed and -direction is way easier to read and more informative than the previous arrow icon. I like that the precipitation value- and text elements are only shown when there is actually something to present, earlier it showed "0 mm" instead. The text elements are generally shorter and more concise.
        In the detailed hour-by-hour presentation, I like how they combine hours with identical weather into one object (column), eq. 06:00-11:00. Makes it easier to identify stable vs. unstable weather conditions, and makes reading the report faster. Finally, I think the day summary is more useful, since it now incorporates high/low temperatures, total precipitation, maximum wind speed, and up to four icons to indicate changing conditions during the day (and night).
        Now, to what extent the changes will be available through the API remains to be seen, I guess.