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    How to install?

    Probably a very basic question to ask, but I can not figure out how to install the YR plug-in. I have bought it from homeseer store. I have got the receipt, so I know the purchase is OK.

    However, I can not find it listed in the HS3 plug-in web interface. Have tried refreshing the list all day. At least it's not listed under "Weather". (I have looked through all the other categories also. I found one under "beta" but I'm guessing it's not the one. At least no one told me I bought a beta version). There is no link to any download site in the receipt nor on as far as I can figure out.

    New to HS3, and this is the first plug-in I'm trying to install (except HSTouchServer), so odds are there is something fundamental I have not understood (yet).

    Any pointers?

    HS3PRO version on Windows.


    That's strange. I need to check with the Homeseer guys to see why it has been removed, it should be visible in the list.

    The plugin can be downloaded from..

    The HSPI files goes in the HS3 root folder. The images are unziped into html/images folder.

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      OK great, and thanks for the link!