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    Percent Open/Closed

    I am able to execute open, close, and stop commands for my blinds but am interested in doing partial closures. Is it possible to set up a range in the device to accomplish this based on percentages (kind of like a virtual dimmer)? If not, is there any sample script for an event that I can leverage to achieve partial closures based on percentages (other than sending an open command, then waiting for a period of time, then sending a stop command, which seems messy and hard to determine state without resetting the blind to a full close first)?


    I have looked into this as I would like to see this function my self, but other than the "favorite position" option i don's see a way to do this accurate.
    I was playing with the idea to use timing to calculate percentage but this will not be accurate.

    meaning that you would enter the time a complete open sequence would take and based on this you calculate percentage before the plugin would send stop. but there is a lots of room for errors doing this.

    Due to this I have settled with the fav option - but this requires support on your receiving somfy device. (I have some indoor shutters that do not support this, but the remaining devices do)