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Universal RTS Interface II (URTSI II)

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  • Universal RTS Interface II (URTSI II)


    Does this plug-in support the Universal RTS Interface II (URTSI II) by Somfy.

    I'm looking to integrate their curtains into my S6 controller. There's about 11 cutains I'd like to integrate.

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    Originally posted by huntley1 View Post

    Does this plug-in support the Universal RTS Interface II (URTSI II) by Somfy.

    I'm looking to integrate their curtains into my S6 controller. There's about 11 cutains I'd like to integrate.
    Yes, it supports URTSI - II interface.

    Give it a try using the 30day free trial.

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      Thanks! That's good.

      Do I need any hardware connected to my S6 controller


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        assuming that you by s6 mean HomeSeer HomeTroller S6.

        and yes - you would need the URTSI-II HW to use my plugin:

        or the rs485 rts controller.

        assuming that your blinds already are RTS capable.


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          Yes, I'm using the Hometroller S6 and the curtain to be installed are RTS capable.

          Which is the better option and why?


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            personally I use the rs485 rts controller - its a bit more advanced and can do everything from the software, but the other one should work just fine as the setup is usually done once...


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              Thanks for your help!


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                Hi Toby, I just purchased the plugin. I'm still purchasing my components, racking my brain with making the right selections...I have rs485 Sonesse 30 dc motors. You said above the rs485 rts controller is a bit more advanced. It is not really for sale here in the US, even Somfy tech support didn't know about it as it was only available over seas. I can order one on eBay in the UK. I'm just wondering how it is more advanced, the programming features? Can you set shade limits with it? I'm not sure how it connects to my hometroller, but it looks like an rj45 serial adapter to a com port rs232 on the hometroller. Just making sure that is correct. I don't have a newer SDN distribution, its the older 10 motor distribution panel 1870194 and power supplies from meanwell. I hope to add a decoflex wall control 8 button. I believe I need to get a data hub to add additional bus control devices. Really appreciate any input you can provide.


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                  Do you have RTS motor or RS485 motors.
                  If you have RTS motors then you would need a RTS control.

                  If not then you should be able to connect the motors to serial port on your home seer and run this plugin.

                  The RS485 RTS transmitter is a bit more advanced in the protocol than the other box mentioned. But none will give you the position of the blinds...

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                    I have the RS485 motors (wired only) -18 motors.

                    When you say connect the motors to the COM port on the hometroller, the 18 motors I have will be going through the distribution boards (2 of them to control up to 20 RS485 motors), from my motor this:


                    I was going to add an RTS receiver for adding a Telis 4 remote... And maybe a DecoFlex wall control.

                    The plug in will let me set desired % open, but not full duplex to provide status reporting I'm assuming. At least not without adding $199.00 per window Zwave module they sell. Rip Off

                    So you think these componenets will work...with rj45 to serial of course.


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                      Sure, you need to go through a board.
                      One problem is though that this plugin have only implemented support for one board.

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                        Well that's not good. I will have 4 groups, or 4 channels. 14 motors divided up. Anyway to make it expand to the two boards?

                        They just daisy chain together off the expansion port rs485 from the first board.

                        Do you mean the plug in only supports one device, Universal RTS Interface II
                        I see in the config page I can add up to 15 motors/devices.


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                          I hope this well help. I took some time and created a wiring diagram of our installation. I will be only using one universal RTS receiver. 13 motors, all going to the distribution panel which has two 10 motor distribution boards, wired together off the expander port.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            From the plugin point of view this is no problem. The plugin will support this device and send out RTS signals.

                            I'm not sure how you will get it to control the RS485 devices. But I'm not a expert on this device and I don't believe there is such an output.

                            The universal RTS Interface works like any other RTS controller (as telis) and sends out RTS signal which the RTS receiver could react on and control your RS485 motors.


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                              Thank you for the clarification. As you know, these components are not cheap, Somfy is very pricy. I decided on Somfy over Hunter Douglas, specifically to integrate with homeseer. I'm building the motorization system completely around this MYSOmfy plugin, to integrate with the HomeSeer ecosystem. I've spent about $4k so far, so I wanted to be as sure as possible. I can't return any of the motors and equipment now, so I hope this will work!