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Sonesse RS485 motors

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  • Sonesse RS485 motors

    Does this plugin interface with these motor types? I thought they were RTS type, I bought them on eBay.

    what additional bridge or interface would be needed for RS485 hardwire only motors?

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    This plug in supports 3 controllers and if the motor is supported by one of these controllers then its supported by this plug in.

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      Thanks for getting back with me. Can you share which 3 controllers model numbers. I've been reading conflicting information all over the internet about which does what. Having the three controls identified will help me with what components I need to purchase next to integrate with HS3


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        It supports the RS485 RTS transmitter the RS485 motors and it supports the Somfy Universal RTS controller.

        All using serial port connection.

        The plugin is made for the RS485 RTS transmitter, but the RS485 motors uses a almost identical protocol so I did some changes in cooperation with a user to support this. Although this has only been verified this way and not personally as I don't have these motors.


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          Ok great...that helps to know that it can be done through the RS485 wired network to talk to the RTS transmitters. It may be a combination of using RTS receivers to talk to the RS485 motors. I'll be able to decide what to purchase now, before purchasing your plug in.