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Connecting Somfy RTS to RFXrtx433E

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  • Connecting Somfy RTS to RFXrtx433E


    I have purchased a RFXrtx433E with the intention of using it to control my Somfy indoor RTS blinds, of which I have about 17, hardwired to the house with no wall switches to turn them on and off.

    On looking at how to get the Somfy blinds connected to the RFXrtx433E, I note that the RFXrtx433E instructions say that when connecting the RFXrtx433E to Somfy RTS, you need to:
    "Disconnect power from all Somfy devices except the device to pair"

    This is extremely difficult to do with my layout - it involves removing the blinds, getting the wire feeds out of the walls, and disconnecting them, which would take hours and a couple of people and some very long ladders as some are 15 feet or more high in some locations.

    Has anyone been successful in pairing Somfy RTS blinds to the RFXrtx433E without disconnecting power to all the other non-target blinds? I'm not quite sure why doing so should be necessary, as you only put one into the setup mode at any time, but I maybe I am missing something.

    Thanks in advance.


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    This is from the official Somfy instructions for adding an additional remote.
    I guess it will also be possible to do it with power connected to all motors and be sure to select the right motor with the Somfy remote.


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      They might be in the official instructions, I’m not sure, but that is what the RFXrtx433E instructions on the RFXcom website say.

      Hence my question.




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        Probably too late to help but yes I have done it without disconnecting the power.

        Just jog the shade/shutter with the original remote by pressing the program button, then press program button on the HS device.


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          Hi Kirby,

          Do you know if it's possible to use the "My" button on the Somfy remotes into Homeseer? The "My" button is a predetermined partial blind position, set in the motor.

          I've managed to control my blinds and curtains to a mid-way point, using a timed event. Example, run the shade "open" for 10 seconds and then "stop" But it only works when the shade is in closed position. And have to create another event for when the shade is in open position and want to "close" for 10 seconds.
          Not ideal but it works.

          I'm not sure is the RFXcom can be programmed for such function. Any one shed some light?
          Thanks in advance.


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            The Somfy RTS device in the RFXCOM plug-in has a Stop button which is the same as the My button.


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              I am using the RFXrtx433E to control 4 Somfy RTS blinds. It all works really well except I could not add a 5th blind as the Device codes on the RFXCOM Output Device only go up to 4.

              To get around this I added a second RFXtrx/RFXrec device which seems to allow another 4 devices to be added and will control my 5th blind. Is this the correct way to control more than 4 blinds?

              The status of my first RFXtrx/RFXrec device says online but the second one only ever shows initializing. Will this cause a problem?

              Thanks for any advice


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                You can add up to 40 RTS devices with each RFXtrx433E or RFXtrx433XL.
                select another ID for each RTS device


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                  Yes but I am creating a RFXtrx/RFXrec device for the blind control and and this device only allows 4 ID's

                  That is why I have created a second RFXtrx/RFXrec device which allows another 4 ID's to be controlled.

                  Is this correct?



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                    There is a difference between the Device Code and ID code!
                    the Device Code can be 1 to 4 and the ID code can be 0 00 01 to F FF FF