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  • RFXCOM export HS2 to HS3


    I have both running HS2 and HS3 running on the same HS-PC.
    Both systems are connected over the Jon00 HS2. HS3 connector. Now I want to export all my HS2 RFXcom devices from HS2 to HS3 step by step.
    The HS2 RFXcom devices are mirrored to HS3 and have the same device address code like in HS2.
    I was reading that only unused device addresses/codes can be exported by the RFXcom export - not if the same addresses/codes are used.
    What to do now ? Do I have to delete all my mirrored HS RFXcom devices in HS3 ?
    Is the export possible after changing the HS3 addresses/codes ?
    The HS3 Device adrresses are greyed out, is it possible to change the Device address ?


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    If you open a device you can change the code fields on the Configuration tab.

    1. Make a back-up of the HS3 database!!!!
    2. Install the RFXCOM HS2 plugin (version or up)
    3. In HS2 run on the Control Panel the Immediate Script Command: &hs.plugin("RFXCOM").export()
    4. Copy the export.txt file from the Homeseer2 directory to the Homeseer3 directory

    5. Install the RFXCOM HS3 plug-in (version or up)
    6. The System Date&Time setting should be the same as on the HS2 system
    7. Configure the receivers and transmitters. The first RFXtrx or transmitter found is used as transmitter in Output devices.
    8. Configure the House codes (A to Z) to be used for Security, Input and Virtual sensors on the RFXCOM General configuration page.
    - The default settings are: S=Security, I=Input, V=Virtual
    - The same Device Code will be used as for those devices in HS2, only the House Code will change.
    - The same HC/DC will be used for Output devices as configured in HS2.
    - Important:
    - If a device already exists with the same HC/DC in HS3 the Output device will not be imported!
    - Also, if a S, I or V House Code is used in HS2 for Output devices than check if the HC/DC code will not be used in HS3 for a Security, Input and Virtual sensor.
    9. In HS3 create and run an Event with these settings:
    - This Event is manually triggered
    - Run a script or Script Command: and select the RFXCOMimport.vb file
    10. Update Output devices with the transmitter to use if necessary.