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  • Help with Pool Thermometer

    I have an Ambient Weather WS-14. It has been working fine until a week or so ago and I am now getting a communication failure. The portable display that comes with it is updating fine in the house showing the temp. So I guess it is transmitting. I am not sure where to begin diagnosing this - so thought I would post here for some advice. Thanks.

    Click image for larger version

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    FineOffset (FO) is not enabled on the RFXtrx433 which is necessary for the WS14


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      ok, thanks.

      I am guessing I should turn on the FO check box for the RFX unit? I clicked update and turned this checkbox on. Waited 24 hours and no update. I then turned the plugin on and off. Waited a while - no updated. So I just restarted homeseer to see if that will make a difference? I am not sure if this thermostat only reports when the temp changes or if it reports regularly.

      Also, how did Fine Offset get turned off as presumably I had it turned on before? I recall that there was a plugin update recently - a few weeks back - is it possible that it was disabled then by the update? Thanks.


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        I'm not sure if the sensor is received by Oregon or FineOffset. The sensor transmits every few minutes.

        Please check with RFXmngr if the sensor is received with Oregon of FineOffset enabled. Check also the current firmware version of the RFX.
        If the unit is a RFXrec433E or RFXtrx433E use the latest Pro1 firmware.
        If the unit is a RFXtrx433XL use the latest ProXL1 firmware.


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          It seems to be polling fine in the RFXMgr.

          It is an RFXtrx433E. Should I upgrade the firmware?
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            If it operates with RFXmngr it should also operate with HS.
            Check if you have the correct sensor ID used in the HS device as it is different between RFXmngr and what you have configured in HS.

            Please use the latest RFXmngr that displays correct ID's


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              I updated the firmware to the pro1 latest version from the web site.

              I downloaded and ran the latest RFXMngr.

              9/6/2019 07:30:23:488= 0A5209041A0100DC2D0159
              Packettype = TEMP_HUM
              subtype = TH9 - Viking 02038, 02035 (02035 has no humidity), Proove TSS320,311501
              Sequence nbr = 4
              ID = 1A01 decimal:6657
              Temperature = 22 °C
              Humidity = 45
              Status = Comfortable
              Signal level = 5 -80dBm
              Battery = OK

              I got this.

              When you say the address needs to be checked. What exactly are you referring to? I don't understand. Thanks.


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                This morning I see that the battery is reporting but the temperature is not (see attached image). Also I notice that it is recommending that I change the battery in the Radio Shack Wireless Sensor - is that reported by the device? The Radio Shack Wireless temperature has new batteries as of a couple of weeks ago but you will notice on the battery device for that unit it hasn't updated since June. Thanks for the continued help.

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                  Which RFXCOM plugin version do you run??

                  The ID is the sensor address. ID = 1A01 decimal:6657
                  Configure the right ID in the sensor device.

                  You can check the received data by enabling deub level 2 for the receivers on the RFXCOM General config page.


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                    My plugin version is:

                    I'm sorry I am losing something in translation here. I am very confused. The pool temperature sensor was reporting just fine until a few weeks ago. Then is stopped reporting the temp. I changed nothing. The only thing I can think of is that (I think) there was an update to the plugin around that time?

                    I have updated everything and now the pool temperature sensor is reporting the battery but still not reporting the temp.

                    Also, my other sensor appears like it has not reported the battery in over a year but is reporting the temp.

                    I have no idea what you are talking about with the sensor address? I see a blank field in the device settings for each sensor under the RFXCOM tab called address. But it is blank for all of the devices.

                    Can you please provide step by step instructions on how to fix this as I am just not getting what you are talking about. Thanks.
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                      It is the Sensor ID that must be correct. The sensor ID = 1A01 decimal:6657
                      If the sensor is received in RFXmngr with the decimal ID=6657 you should see TH9[6657]T if you click the selection box.
                      The ID of the battery sensor is TH9[6657]L in this case.

                      If the temperature sensor is not visible in the selection box, check what is received from the sensor by enabling debug level 2 for the receivers on the RFXCOM General config page.


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                        OMG - That was so simple when I finally figured out what you are asking me. The sensor ID in the drop-down for the pool sensor was set to the wrong one.

                        I don't even know where the other ID in the dropdown came from. When I saved the device, went back into the settings, then the other ID was no longer available in the dropdown and only the correct one was available to choose.

                        Regarding the other temp sensor:

                        9/8/2019 11:46:57:083= 08500100080300E359
                        Packettype = TEMP
                        subtype = TEMP1 - THR128/138, THC138, Davis
                        channel 3
                        Sequence nbr = 0
                        ID = 0803 decimal:2051
                        Temperature = 22.7 °C
                        Signal level = 5 -80dBm
                        Battery = OK

                        This one is setup correctly and the right decimal ID is selected in the two devices:

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 12.02.17 PM.png
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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 12.05.58 PM.png
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ID:	1325127
                        Any thoughts on what I can do to get that work?

                        And thank you for all of your help.


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                          When you change the battery in the sensor it will get a new random ID and you have to select the new ID.

                          If you set the date correct for Battery replaced you will receive a message in the Input panel to replace the battery. Select the number of days expected for the battery life.
                          For a new sensor set this to large number. The first time the battery is empty you see the number of days used. Set the Battery life to this number minus 20 days for example.

                          See also chapter 6 in the RFXCOM HS3 User Guide.