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Odd behavior - Handles question

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  • Odd behavior - Handles question

    Last night between about midnight and 4:00 AM HS began receiving repeated strings of Faulted/Normal/Faulted/Normal... signals from one of my DS10 transmitters. I have no idea why they started or why they stopped. It was behaving normally prior to this and appears to be behaving normally now. I assume the problem is with the DS10, but am also wondering if there is any way the plug-in might have been the source (since HS gets what the plug-in puts out, not what the DS10 sends).

    In addition, during that time the number of open handles on my system increased substantially (from ~4500 to ~5200). Steadily rising handles is an ongoing mystery on my system, so a significant short-term change that I can associate with an event is of potential interest. I am now wondering if the RFXCOM plug-in might be a contributor to those system handles. I'd welcome suggestions of a way to investigate (without shutting down the plug-in).
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