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  • RF Ceiling fans

    I have been looking around for a way to control the three ceiling fans in our home via HS and thought this might be the right place to post. Each fan is connected to a light switch, however all it controls is the load to the unit. Each fan has a remote that controls fan speed/ direction and lights. Is there a way to control them with RF? I've included make and model below:
    Hampton Bay
    Model #: UC7080T
    FCC ID: CHQ7080T
    Frequency Range: 303.921

    Harbor Breeze
    Model #: A25-TX012
    FCC ID: A25-TX012
    Frequency Range: 315.000

    Model #: 85095-01
    FCC ID: IN2TX13
    Frequency Range: 350.000

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

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    You will also need a Insteon controller.

    Not to expensive, work very well.


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      Unfortunately the X-10 protocol operates at 310 MHz, so any X-10 receivers will be unable to receive the signals. MrMxyzptlk is right, although there are more complicated solutions, that Insteon device or a comparable ZWave version
      (I think they make one) will probably be the easiest route.