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    Thanks, I appreciate it. Please let me know on the features request thread if there is something else that could get added.


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      DS10 not reporting


      I just upgraded from to because I saw that it would allow me to use my own icon.

      - First my existing DS10 devices were not showing changes anymore
      - Created a new device from scratch but same behavior.
      - Reverted to and all devices is updating correctly
      - Back to, in debug mode, I do see in the log the DS10 state changes being picked-up by the plugin and looking up to the proper device ID but HS device does to report any of the changes: Time stamp, value etc...

      Any idea where to look?

      Using an RS-232 W800RF32



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        Sorry, I just saw your post. Could you try stopping the plugin, renaming your SimpleRF.ini file in your HS3 Config directory, starting it up, and trying again by creating a new device? Devices created using the old version of the plugin will not work correctly with the new status changes as there was a bug in some of the parameters used when created the device. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it would be recreate the device. If that doesn't work please let me know and I'll try to help debug the problem.


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          problems with DS10

          One of my DS10's is reporting a low battery condition. It sends the following when alerting:

          SimpleRF Received RAW: 0xbd 0xb2 0x05 0xfa from Receiver 1

          Resulting in:
          SimpleRF Received Security Message from Receiver 1: Hallway Closet Door Sensor UNKNOWN

          It appears that the plugin does not account for the low battery condition. Also, I noticed that when my DS10a's are set to "MAX" (slide switch on the unit), the plugin also does not understand the function/key value correctly. See here for details:

          I am on version

          Last edited by qwiksilver96; December 2nd, 2017, 08:56 AM. Reason: corrected that the slide switch in position MAX causes "unknown", not when the switch is in position MIN


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            Device Status Not Changing for DS10

            I've noticed that the status for my DS10's are not reflecting Alerts. The status does not change (that is the case for all of my DS10a's).

            Events do trigger correctly when configured as shown in one of the images below.


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