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    After 16 years, I am migrating from HS1 to HS3PRO (a huge learning curve!). I have installed the SimpleRF plugin on trial for my W800RF32 receiver, which at first the plugin refused to recognise. Then, without changing anything, it was accepted in setup. When I first sent an ON command from a remote, in the log I could see "Simple RF received X-10 message from receiver 1: I1 ON" - but the lamp with this address did not switch on. So then in Device Mapping, I associated I1 to the actual Homeseer Device Name, and then when I sent the On command, the lamp switched on.

    So my question is - do I really have to associate each X10 code with its Homeseer Device Name? Is this a requisite of SimpleRF, since surely Homeseer already knows these associations. Whilst this wouldn't be a show-stopper, it does mean that when adding a new device it has to be done in two places.......or have I missed something?

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    If I understand your situation correctly you want to control a light via X-10 commands, am I correct? You can do this one of two ways: the way you did with device associations or through event triggers. The events in HS3 are quite different than older HS versions but I can walk you through setting one up if you need help. I am out of town right now but I'll be back in a couple of days. Just let me know if you need assistance.


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      Hi Edgar - thanks for your reply. My question was basically questioning the necessity of defining the device associations from within SimpleRF. In HS1 the plugin that I used did not require these associations. As, I said it's not a big problem except that when I add a new device to HS3, it will also be necessary to create a device association in SimpleRF. Other than that, I now have created all the events I require and devices are being controlled as I would like. Thanks again for your offer to help.


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        Ok ya no problem. It has been a while since I modified my installation (set it and forget it), but the addresses didn't seem to work the same as in previous versions. That might be because of a bug in the plugin but I'll take a look and see if I can get it working the way it used to work.


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          Looking at the code this was definitely a bug and I'll be updating the plugin to fix it. Just an FYI, if you are just setting up simple motion sensors or something like that you might not need to create devices for them at all. The attached picture gives you an example. Basically, it will turn the hallway light on and keep it on as long as there is motion for that sensor. It will turn off in 2 minutes of no movement or 5 minutes if someone manually turned it on and the receiver didn't receive the RF command (dead battery in sensor, interference, etc):
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