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    I just sent the updated version to HS to add to the updater. Not sure how long this will take, but probably sometime this week. This updated version mostly fixed a couple of bugs that were affecting usability of the plugin. However, in addition to these bug fixes I also made the plugin free. The plugin was never very popular (probably a lot to due with the bug adding the W800), but I would like to thank the people that did pay for it. I will continue supporting the plugin, so to those that did pay for it please don't be upset.

    Again, I do plan to continue supporting the plugin and there are a few features that I was working on but never got a chance to release, namely full sensor support. Those features will have to wait until at least May as I don't have time to finish them right now, but they are on my list of things to do. If you have any requests for features please reply to the feature request thread.