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  • Odd message in log ...

    1st. sorry to hear that the people over at RFXCOM gave you a hassle about adding there stuff to your plugin.. I don't think they thought it tough correctly other software means more hardware sales (Money !!) .. Competition increases sales and creativity.. On HS2 I am using one solution for three RF inputs and it is working well now it appears as I go over to HS3 I am going to need two solutions, just stinks..
    Any way I am seeing this message in my log a lot "SimpleRF Received X-10 Message from Receiver 1: 1 ON" it's not a problem just thought I would note it.. is this cause by some devices only send number codes after the 1st. transmission ?? I thought only that
    PLC devices did that,, don't the RF devices always send house code and number codes as pairs ???


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    Thanks for your understand about the lack of RFXCOM support. I thought about releasing it despite their objections, but even though I thought they had no legal grounds to stop me - why bother? I don't want to waste my time defending against (IMO) frivolous lawsuits. Life is too short for that nonsense.

    About the other issue with the house codes. That had me stumped for a bit because I was reviewing my code for the W800 receiver and it isn't possible with that receiver. Once I realized you had the MR26A receiver (which I use too, awesome little thing) it became clear. Due to the differences between the two receivers they use slightly different logic to perform the same goal. For the MR26A receiver I use a lookup table to determine the housecode based on the received data.

    It was likely an oversight on my part that still fired an event if the data received didn't match a known house code. I might have had a reason for doing so, but if I did I forgot that reason :P

    Most likely the signal you received from the receiver was corrupted before it received it. Could have been a number of reasons: interference, failing device sending the signal, device too far away, etc. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start noticing problems with an RF device.


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      Thanks for getting back to me ,, I didn't think it was an issue. I'm still on there wire antenna I know it will be just fine when i mod. the antenna..