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Device Mapping Doesn't turn actual light on...

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  • Device Mapping Doesn't turn actual light on...

    Hello friends:
    I am transitioning to HS3 from HS2 and having some probs with SimpleRF...
    I am using Device Mapping to get my X-10 remote, via a WGL W800 receiver to control lights.
    My problem is that when I generate the X-10 code, the light changes to "On" in homeseer but the actual light does not turn on...
    If I click Off then On in HomeSeer, it does turn on.

    Below is the log... The device reference 114 is the right reference...

    Dec-23 2:12:04 PM SimpleRF Checking triggers for matches against X-10 Address: O1, X-10 Command: ON
    Dec-23 2:12:04 PM SimpleRF Received X-10 Message from Receiver 1: O1 ON
    Dec-23 2:12:04 PM SimpleRF Received: O1 ON
    Dec-23 2:12:04 PM SimpleRF X-10 Debug: SetDeviceValue, devRef: 114, command: ON
    Dec-23 2:12:04 PM SimpleRF Calling HS for device mapping event: O1 ON to device ref: 114
    Dec-23 2:12:04 PM SimpleRF Unable to forward X-10 event: O1 ON to device because the reference for device could not be found.
    Dec-23 2:12:04 PM SimpleRF Checking rules for X-10 event: O1 ON

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    You are right - I was able to reproduce the problem on my system. Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate it. Something must have gotten broken in the last update.

    I'll work on it this weekend and get it submitted to HS. It usually takes a few days from submission to posting to the update server but with the holidays it might take a little longer than normal. Hopefully by next weekend it will be there. In the mean time, you can add a SimpleRF event in the events page of HS3 that will accomplish the same thing. That is how I have mine setup which is why I didn't notice the device mapping feature was broken.


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      Thank you Mr. 1898....

      I too would use SimpleRF events but I really like the "mapping" that does On, Off, Bright and Dim with one "mapping" of an X-10 code to a device.

      With events, as far as I can tell, I'd need 4 separate events to handle each of the On, Off, Bright and Dim commands. But I may do that temporarily just so I can get completely moved over to HS3 (still want the mapping though so thanx in advance for upcoming fix).

      Merry Christmas sir...


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        I guess I'm experiencing this issue, too. I planned on removing all my x10 transceivers and just using my new w800 USB to handle all DS10As and motion/occupancy sensors. When I send an RF X10 command, the log shows SimpleRF, and Homeseer shows the device command changing the status of the device inside Homeseer. However, the command doesn't make it to the powerline, it seems. I'm using a CM11A to control my X10 units.

        I can test this with an Ocelot or a CM15A or CM17A. My guess is that neither of these will make a difference since Homeseer 3/HSPro basically cut support for the Ocelot, CM17A, CM15A...

        If you're willing to share the source of this plugin, I can help debug it. I'm pretty adept with programming.

        Everything else seems to be working fine. Just the general handling of X10 commands appears to be broken, along with device mapping.

        Question: do I need to map ALL of my devices to their corresponding X10 addresses INSIDE the SimpleRF plugin? Or will SimpleRF, once fixed, understand C1 ON and send that command without having C1 mapped to anything in the device mapping section?

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          Sorry, that was my fault. I submitted my update to HomeSeer on Dec 27th but I failed to follow up with them. I don't know if my request was lost or what, but I'll submit it again and follow up with them about it. In the mean time if anyone wants to get this version I uploaded it to Dropbox:

          Just disable SimpleRF, replace the HSPI_SimpleRF.exe in your Homeseer directory with this one, and reenable it. It should show version instead of version after that is completed.


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            Awesome!!! Thank you.

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     works greats... thanx!


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       works amazingly. Thank you for creating this and maintaining it. You have me back in action with all of my x10 devices! Thanks, again!