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Rutger July 28th, 2016 02:17 PM

Z-Wave controlled valves
Currently I'm working on a Z-Wave controlled garden irrigation system. I'd like to have it a s clean as possible and the easy integration with Homeseer. Even I don't have easy access to ethernet in my garden and wifi isn't stable. Multiple Z-Wave sensors are working fine on that distance, so that should not have a problem, and the 230V powered Fibaro act as a repeater too.

For Homeseer integration I'm using the Fibaro FGS-222, which can handle 2x 1.5 kW power switches at the same time and control external switches on 230VAC.

I bought 2 magnet valves, with 2x 230VAC relais.

The test setup is now quit easy, I can easily switch in Homeseer both valves:

Zone control in Homeseer: Click

Now I'm ready to install all the pipelines and sprinklers in my garden.

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