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IFTTT Creating HomeSeer Triggers for IFTTT

Our IFTTT channel is designed to recognize 2 basic triggers: A Device Was Turned On and A Device Was Turned Off. Use the following method to leverage those basic triggers into anything you like. Let's say, for example, you'd like to trigger and IFTTT recipe when HomeSeer detects SUNSET. Here's how to set this up:
  1. Navigate to your HomeSeer system's device mgmt page and add a new device. Name it "Sunset" and assign it to a floor named "IFTTT" and a room named "Status".
  2. Now, create a HomeSeer event that triggers at sunset and changes this new virtual device to "ON". Create another event that changes this device to "OFF" whenever you choose (sunrise, midnight, etc..).
  3. Now, anytime you wish to trigger an IFTTT recipe at sunset, use the trigger of A Device Was Turned On > IFTTT:Status:Sunset.

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